Discipleship Focused...

The Way Jesus Did It

By meeting in homes, our home meetings mirror the small group setting that Jesus used to train his disciples. There is a reason why He kept the main group to twelve people.

Adults and teenagers are encouraged to be active learners, not passive listeners. The host is not a performer, but a facilitator in leading people to be a disciple.

And by meeting in homes, more funds go towards community service projects, and providing support for missionaries around the world.
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Cross Waves Church IS NOT an online church...

❌ It’s NOT a home group for disgruntled Christians who want to practice faith alone...

❌ It’s NOT a place where you meet to feel good and do nothing else...

❌ It’s NOT a way for you to start your own church with your own rules...

It's a PROVEN STRATEGY for discipleship!

What if growing in your faith (and helping others do the same) was as easy as following a cooking recipe (but without greasy palms and burned fingers)? Just follow our training, invite your family and friends and… Voila.

That is the Cross Waves Discipleship Plan!

It’s an EASY TO FOLLOW way to do church without all the overhead, politics, arguing, and financial burden.

Easy to learn. Easy to start.

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Look How Easy It Is To Get Started

  • Watch The Training Videos

    Our training videos will guide you through the entire process of turning your home into a ministry center.

  • Start Small

    Start with your family and get comfortable with the process and all the tools that Cross Waves provides.

  • Invite Others

    Invite others when you are ready to go bigger.

Get Support At Every Step

We give you every tool and support you need to be amazing!

  • I don't know enough to teach the Bible

    That is okay, we provide the Bible teaching through video from seminary trained pastors.

  • I don't have time to prepare a weekly lesson

    Your responsibility is to facilitate a discussion, not teach a lesson.

  • I am not good with technology

    It is extremely easy to put Cross Waves Church media on your TV since we have an app on ROKU and AppleTV.

  • I don't know how to play an instrument or sing

    Cross Waves Church provides music and words each week through our weekly video curriculum that you can use.

  • I don't know how to help my community

    We will show you how to serve your community with your hands and finances. Also, much of the money contributed within your home stays in your account to use within your community to help others.

  • I don't know if anyone will come to my home

    We will give you materials, along with media to use to help you invite others to you home.

Meet Your Guide: Pastor Tim Steele

"'Follow me until you see Jesus' should be every Christian life's mission."

Throughout Tim’s life, he has been a bi-vocational pastor, so he has been a pastor, church planter, author, sales trainer, stockbroker, market researcher, professional comedian and national award winning business owner.

Tim’s leisure activities include traveling and spending time with family and friends. Tim enjoys playing golf; he also enjoys the woods and lakes where he hunts and fishes for his golf balls.
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What Others Are Saying...

We did our homework.


"We did our homework and really checked out Cross Waves Church, and loved the emphasis on the Bible and a mission to reach people for Christ. It may sound weird when you say come to my house to go to church, but all the people coming to our home were not going to church anywhere before coming to our weekly study. And we didn't have to do anything but make a meal. I love the authenticity of the people that are part of our Hotspot."

It is simple.


"I love Cross Waves because it is simple. We don't deal with issues about getting the grass cut, what color is the carpet, or paying the eclectic bill, there is just no politics, we just deal with the gospel. I love how we deal with offerings at Cross Waves. Our funds don't go for maintenance of a building, I know my offerings are going into ministry."

We do our best together to be more like Christ.


One of the joys I experience as a Cross Waves Church Hostess is the opportunity to open my home and provide warmth and hospitality to others. In this day and age when people are isolated and lonely, I consider it a privilege to encourage and support others with a home cooked meal and sparkling conversation as we engage in each other’s lives and bear each other’s burdens. I had been missing this sense of community prior to Cross Waves, and now I am convinced that it is a vital element that is needed to foster deeper relationships with each other and with Christ. I look forward each week to see who God will bring to my home that I may serve them and love them, as we do our best together to be more like Christ.

What To Expect...

Preview the training inside!

  • 1

    Welcome to the Cross Waves Hosting Course

    • Welcome to the Cross Waves Hosting Workshop

    • Message from the founder and discipleship pastor of Cross Waves Church

  • 2

    The Disciple-Maker: The HotSpot Host

    • Lesson #1: Why You Should Become A HotSpot Host?

    • Lesson #2: What Is A HotSpot?

    • Lesson #3: What Is A HotSpot Host

    • Lesson #4: What Does A Host Do?

    • Quiz for The Disciple-Maker: The HotSpot Host

  • 3

    You Can Do This!

    • Lesson #1: You Can Do This: You’ve Already Had Training

    • Lesson #2: You Can Do This: Your Attitude

    • Lesson #3: You Can Do This: “Follow me until you see Jesus.”

    • Lesson #4: Why Start Small?

    • Quiz for You Can Do This!

  • 4

    The Cross Waves Solution

    • Lesson #1: Why Partner with Cross Waves?

    • Lesson #2: How Cross Waves Got Started

    • Lesson #3: Cross Waves Is Built On These Three Core Values

    • Quiz for The Cross Waves Solution

  • 5

    The Four Weekly Components To A HotSpot

    • Lesson #1: Time

    • Lesson #2: Meal Time and Fellowship

    • Lesson #3: Prayer Time

    • Lesson #4: Singing, and Bible Talk

    • Lesson #5: Discussion Questions

    • Quiz for The Four Weekly Components To A HotSpot

  • 6

    Discipleship Taught By Jesus

    • Lesson #1: The Need For Intentionality In Discipleship

    • Lesson #2: Understand Your Wiring

    • Lesson #3: Discipleship Through Bible Study

    • Lesson #4: Discipleship through Serving

    • Lesson #5: Discipleship through Sharing

    • Lesson #6: Discipleship Through Togetherness

    • Quiz for Discipleship Taught By Jesus

  • 7

    Cross Waves Church Distinctions

    • Lesson #1: The Cross Waves Church DNA

    • Lesson #2: Why Most Of Cross Waves Church Do Not Meet On Sunday

    • Lesson #3: How To Explain Why We Study The Bible Weekly

    • Lesson #4: How To Put This Week’s Cross Waves Video On Your Television

    • Lesson #5: Get Yourself Some Swag

    • Quiz for Cross Waves Church Distinctions

  • 8

    Contributions To Cross Waves Church

    • Lesson #1: How Do You Contribute To Cross Waves?

    • Lesson #2: What Does Cross Waves Church Do With People’s Contributions?

    • Quiz for Contributions To Cross Waves Church


We provide the discipleship curriculum for both the small group experience in the home, along with the one to one discipleship that can be done anywhere.